Our intention is to ensure that equal opportunity is applied by us in the provision of service and as an employer.

 We shall endeavour to achieve this by:


  • Seeking to ensure that everybody is treated equitably regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, age, disability, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, marital status, family responsibilities, sexual orientation or other inappropriate distinction.
  • Promoting equality of opportunities and removing any barriers that may exist for potential and existing employees.
  • Encouraging and assisting development of all employees to their full potential.
  • Discouraging discrimination, victimisation and any form of harassment.  Any such behaviour shall be handled in a sensitive and effective manner.
  • Providing a comfortable and safe working environment.
  • Ensuring employees understand they have a right to be respected whilst respecting others.

Authorised By :- Michael Amps (Managing Director)

Date :- 8th September 2006

Review Date :- September 2007