Alcohol or drug abuse by employees and sub-contractors (including supervisory and management staff) can adversely affect the safety and health of themselves or others on our sites.  Therefore, it is the policy of this company that any person known to be, or strongly suspected of being, affected by alcohol or drugs must be referred to the appropriate manager who must arrange for the person to be removed from site.


It must be noted that symptoms suggesting that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be created by other conditions, e.g. heat exhaustion, hypothermia, diabetes, etc. also the person may be affected by legitimate medication prescribed by a doctor.  These conditions, while still requiring the person to be removed for safety reasons from their work, will obviously affect any disciplinary action that may be considered therefore, if there is any doubt as to the persons condition or cause of their condition, medical advice should be sought immediately.

Authorised by :- Michael Amps (Managing Director)

Date :- 8th September 2006

Review Date :- September 2007